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Forem Account Code of Conduct Policy

Forem Account will work with Forem Creators to prevent abuse within the context of individual code of conducts across the Forem Network. It will also seek to align balance between the needs of individual Forems and the codes established within the Forems managed by Forem, i.e. DEV.

Because enforcement of code of conducts will be subjective, Forem Account seeks to make the fairest choice possible. Understanding that this is a difficult ask, we want to always remind you that Forem Account does not ultimately have control over your access to an individual Forem. In the event that your actions are deemed abusive, your Forem Account account may be permanently or temporarily suspended, but this action will not unilaterally result in suspension of your access to any individual Forem.

Forem Account strives to maintain safe spaces and will act to do so, but understands that nuance is best distributed. Forem Account's role is not authoritarian in nature, but we will act with conviction within the role we play. Please respect the code of conducts within the Forem ecosystem and help us create inclusive community spaces across the web.